EQL Pharma Investor Relations

EQL Pharma as an Investment

EQL Pharma’s share has been listed on the Spotlight Stock Market since 2013. Some reasons that make EQL Pharma’s share an interesting investment:

  • The focus on niche generics provides a competitive advantage as the large pharmaceutical companies have a different focus.
  • Low costs for marketing as medicines in the Nordics are sold according to the pharmacies exchange system.
  • Collaboration with the Indian pharmaceutical company Cadila Pharmaceuticals.
  • Target to grow 40% in turnover per financial year.
  • Great opportunities for expansion in markets outside the Nordics.

Key Facts

Ticker: EQL
Listing venue: Spotlight Stock Market
Number of shareholders: 961
Number of shares: 29 063 610
Share capital: 1,308 MSEK


ShareholderShare (%)
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd30.00
Christer Fåhraeus29.00
Avanza Pension3.29
SEB Fonder2.19
Sten Irwe1.54
Lars Fåhraeus1.24
Carnegie Fonder1.19
Emanuel Eriksson1.10
Cliens Fonder1.06
Martin Søkjer-Petersen1.03


EQL Pharma’s stock is followed by the following analysts:

  • Carnegie
  • Erik Penser Bank
  • Kalqyl