EQL Pharma Investor Relations

EQL Pharma focuses on niche generics, i.e. pharmaceuticals that have little or no competition despite lacking patent protection. The reason for the limited competition is that these drugs often have a small turnover globally, but a relatively larger turnover in a specific geography, such as a country or a region of countries.

Network and Collaboration Partners

EQL is strategically located in Lund with access to all the resources of organizations, companies and people that are provided in the life science cluster called Medicon Valley. The company has built up a strong network of partners both in the cluster and in the rest of Europe and the world. A network that is in constant growth and refinement as new ideas and opportunities take shape.

Strong, Sustainable and Profitable Growth

The company’s goal is strong, but sustainable and profitable, growth. Robust financing and well-thought-out analyzes are behind every investment the company makes both in its pipeline and in the expansion into new markets.

Competent and Experienced Employees

EQL Pharma strives to attract and retain personnel with excellence in all areas relevant to the company. High level of education, solid proven experience and personal commitment characterize the company’s staff today, which creates stability despite strong growth.

Key Facts

Founded: 2006
Founders: Christer Fåhraeus & Karin Wehlin
Headquarters: Lund
Number of employees: 18
Listing venue: Spotlight Stock Market
Number of shares: 29 063 610

Axel Schörling

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EQL shall be a driving force for medical accessibility by offering tested therapies to new European markets and thereby contribute to equal and optional care.


EQL shall reduce healthcare costs in Europe by identifying, developing and offering top-quality niche generics for the benefit of both patients and society.

Business Concept

EQL Pharma’s business concept is to identify, develop and sell generics, i.e. medicines that are medically equivalent to originator products whose patent protection has expired. By supplying high-quality medicines at a low cost, the Company contributes to significant cost-savings for patients and healthcare, and thereby to better health

Business Model

EQL Pharma works actively on investiga- tions and evaluations followed by develop- ment, purchase or in-licensing of products for the manufacturing and selling of new niche generics, for which the Company identifies markets with little or no com- petition apart from the originator product. At present, EQL Pharma works only on prescription niche generics.

Business Objectives

Be a LEADING PLAYER in niche generics in the Nordics and become a leading European generics company within five to ten years.

LONG TERM ASPIRATION to build higher brand recognition regarding generic preparations.

KEEP INVESTING in the development of the product portfolio.



Financial Targets

The Five-Year Period 2020/2021 – 2024/2025:

  • to grow by at least 40 per cent per year on average, where growth is expected to spread unevenly over the period. In which the growth relates to recurring sales items.
  • that the EBITDA margin should be above 25 percent by the end of the five-year period.