EQL Pharma Investor Relations

EQL Pharma's CEO increases his holding in the company

EQL Pharma's CEO, Axel Schörling, has increased his stake in the company. During the period 22-24 May, Axel Schörling has bought 53,903 shares in the Company at a volume-weighted average price of SEK 47.05, a transaction totalling SEK 2,536,010. The trades were made on Spotlight Stock Market. After the purchases, Schörling owns a total of 311,016 shares, which corresponds to 1.1% of the shares in the Company. This makes him EQL's 3rd largest physical owner and the 9th largest, institutions included.

"It feels absolutely right for me to increase my ownership in EQL," says Axel Schörling. "Many components are falling into place for us and I see a bright future ahead, which I now prove with actions, and not just words. To lead EQL Pharma is a great honour for me and an amazing adventure. To additionally, now be one of the largest owners, adds extra spice" Schörling concludes.

Press release 2024-05-27 EQL Pharma's CEO increases his holding in the company